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IYogi Technical Support Reviews

With iYogi, you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription that provides unlimited tech support for your computer and its peripherals, or you can pay per fix. Whichever you choose, iYogi provides technical support across a vast array of computing and communications devices and software.

Beyond diagnostics, iYogi can assist you with home network setup, software and OS installation, data backup, and virus removal. The company is also experienced with Microsoft and Windows support, so it can help you with PC service or repairs. It is also one of the few services that provides on-site home theater support.

In conjunction with its breadth of tech services, iYogi boasts extensive device support. The remote support service can help you with any issue pertaining to PCs or Mac computers, as well as tablets, MP3 players, printers and any other peripherals. It even provides support for televisions. This service is becoming increasingly common among tech services as many people adopt smart TVs that are internet-connected and app-compatible. If you use some kind of digital device, chances are good that iYogi provides tech support for it.

This company has most of the service features you should look for in online tech support services, including a money-back guarantee and a secure, encrypted connection that enables a technician to remotely log in to your computer. It also provides multi-language support (in English and French) and a free price quote for one-time fixes.

A couple things this technical support service does not offer are tech profiles and U.S.-based remote support. Tech profiles are not essential, but they can provide valuable information regarding a technician's background and areas of expertise. The company's remote support is based in India. This might result in a language barrier between customers and technicians.

Despite the potential language barrier, iYogi delivers good customer support overall. Remote support is the focus of iYogi, but the company also provides on-site tech support throughout the U.S., primarily for PC repair, home theater setup and any other issue that a remote tech cannot adequately fix. Its network of on-site technicians comprises more than 1, 000 third-party techs who have been vetted by iYogi. The service is available in most metro areas of the country. Obviously, iYogi does not offer in-store support, but remote and on-site services are more convenient for most tech issues.

Your experience with iYogi is likely to hinge on the specific technician assisting you, considering the potential language barriers with some technicians. But beyond this, iYogi provides comprehensive tech support for a wide array of devices, including computers and smart TVs.

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