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Technical Phone Support

Monday-Friday : 8am - 10pm EST
Saturday : 10am - 9pm EST
Sunday : 10am - 6pm

Tech Support Phone Number: 770-840-9249

Remote Technical Support

An incredible feature of our technical support is our ability to perform Remote Technical Support. Using this tool we are actually able to login to a customer's computer and troubleshoot the issue for ourselves. This service is available during business hours only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: My system suddenly turned off due to a power surge and now will not turn back on.

Solution: Unplug the power cord from the computer for 30 seconds, then plug the power cord back in. This will enable the power supply to reset itself and the computer should now turn on.

Problem: My Logitech Keyboard and Mouse won't work. At least the mouse won't.

Solution: There is a button on the bottom of the keyboard and a pinhole button on the bottom of the mouse. These buttons both need to be pushed at the same time so the keyboard and mouse can "learn" of each other.

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