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Computer Support Technician Jobs

A computer support technician helps to maintain the usability of a business or organization’s information technology (IT) hardware assets. In many situations, this means working with desktop and laptop computers to make sure they operate as needed by a company’s employees. They work with the employees to help resolve any hardware operation problems to keep the employee working at optimal levels. In high-end IT work, support technicians also ensure that mainframes, dedicated server computers, and related technology remain online and operating as intended.

Computer support technicians normally spend much of their time working to ensure any hardware or software upgrades are executed according to company IT protocols, as well as ensuring that computer operators in the company receive any necessary training. The support tech acts as the help desk for the employees of the organization and helps resolve hardware- and IT-related complaints. Support technicians also need to execute routine repairs and maintenance on company equipment. As new technology becomes available, they must execute an efficient installation of this new equipment and facilitate any necessary training for employees who will use it. The support tech usually works in an office environment during regular business hours; however, large-scale upgrades and installation may occasionally require overnight or evening work.

The education requirements for this position normally includes relevant postsecondary education, usually from a technical college. The computer support technician also likely needs to possess certifications for various software and operating systems used by the company.

Computer Support Technician Tasks

  • Provide technical support and customer service to software users.
  • Open tickets, troubleshoot problems, and diagnose issues in order to resolve them and close tickets.
  • Document technical requirements, usage procedures, and common problem fixes.

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