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Computer Support Specialists jobs

A computer support specialist gives first-line technical help to people who are having trouble with things like computer hardware, software, and applications. This person may also find work through network engineer jobs, especially at small companies where multitasking is necessary and expected.

Besides being employed in both the public and private sectors, this worker may also be self-employed or act as a consultant. Regardless of the specific environment, a person in this role must be very patient, able to make complex concepts easier to understand, and skilled at relating well with others.

Computer Support Specialist Job Education Requirements

To be competitive, a person must finish a college-level course in network administration, computer science or computer programming. Although bachelor's degrees are preferable, associate degrees may be adequate for some computer support specialist jobs.

Specific training or certification courses may be required by some employers, particularly if a person works with a certain brand of software. Furthermore, work experience is a useful part of an individual's overall education for this career, particularly if the person is also interested in eventually pursuing software testing jobs or similar roles that allow for both preventing errors and helping to troubleshoot them.

Computer Support Specialist Job Market

Through the year 2022, these jobs are expected to grow 17 percent, which is faster than the average for other occupations. As companies perform software upgrades, job creation should result. However, cloud computing technology could make computer support specialists more productive, which may reduce the need for these workers at some firms. People who work in the healthcare and computer systems design industries should see particularly strong job market growth. Outsourcing is a potential threat for people who work in less skilled, lower level jobs.

Computer Support Specialist Job Salary Information

The average salary for a computer support specialist is just under $49, 000 per year. People employed as computer support specialists in the wholesale trade industry are likely to earn approximately a couple of thousand more annually.

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