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Computer Technicians in Minneapolis, St Paul, EdinaThe IT company you choose is only as good as the actual support technician(s) that come to your place of business. In the past you’ve probably experienced a computer technician that has been difficult to work with. Especially in the early years of IT support, when computer geeks were kind of in a world of their own, and you had to struggle through trying to communicate your problems to them.

Often times they would either talk so far over your head that you couldn’t understand them or they’d be visibly irritated at your inability to understand their high-tech terminology. Either way, it made for a difficult situation, especially when you were footing the bill!

So how do you protect yourself and guarantee that you will get a person with the proper technology knowledge, and also have the ability to work with and communicate with all levels of your company?

Computer Technicians in Minneapolis, St Paul, EdinaFirst let’s look at…

How to find a technician who will become a trusted IT advisor for your company

A “trusted advisor” will have these characteristics:

  • Reliable, trustworthy and professional
  • Broad range of excellent technical skills
  • Accessible and available
  • Attentive listener who asks appropriate questions to determine causes of issues or solutions for a business’ needs
  • Communicates without using confusing tech jargon and is capable of explaining complex technology issues so non-techs can understand
  • Researches new technologies and is willing to offer advice when new technologies present themselves that might truly help the business

Reliable, trustworthy and professional

Computer Technicians in Minneapolis, St Paul, EdinaThese are characteristics that you would want to find in anyone – and they are all characteristics that are not truly revealed without the passage of time. When considering a new IT Support company or a new technician, the best way to get a feeling for the person is to talk with another company who is serviced by that technician.

Important questions to ask

If you are able to contact a reference or two, have a short battery of questions ready. The questions should be direct and ask for examples whenever possible. A few of your questions might be:

  • How often do you talk with or communicate with your tech?
  • What is the typical response time once you make an initial call/email?
  • Do you call/email the tech directly or do you go through a level 1 support person first?
  • When the tech arrives on-site does he follow a routine (check in with onsite admin, asks questions about the issue, notifies users of potential downtime while issues are addresses) or does he just go to the server and work?

A “professional” technician will be well dressed and well groomed. And knowing that they will be going into businesses, they understands that while there they will be a representative of themself, the IT Support company they work for, and the customer.

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