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What is the Technical Support?

Technical Support mainly involves providing support to users of a software, application, equipment or a complete comprehensive system involving all three above. This is based on the premise that it is possible to fix issues occurring at the locations where users are using the services by interacting with them through many remote methods of communication like telephones, chat, email or remote access methods. It is easier and cheaper to provide a centralised support than to depute technicians who have to physically visit user locations to fix issues. Major percentage of issues can be fixed by technicians with out in-depth knowledge. A small percentage of issues will be complex and can be handled by a higher level of support. And a minuscule percentage of cases may involve some one physically going to the location and switching units or equipment.

BPO stands for business process outsourcing. As the name suggests it involves asking someone else to carry out a particular process of your business.

The reason for doing it could be many like it could be done cheaper as the service provider enjoys advantages of large volumes .

Outsourcing enables the business to concentrate their energies to the main functions that they are good at .

It makes management of business easier.

It minimises risks of failure.


If Airlines have to sell tickets they have to maintain a network of sales offices. If they outsource it to a party that is already selling airlines tickets the airline benefits from lower investment, expenses and having a wider reach.

Maintaining the cleanliness of workplaces of a business is important. However you have to add janitors to your workforce who might not have enough work at a location. Outsourcing this is economical asba janitorial company can visit all your workplaces and maintain them at lower cost . You wouldn't need a supervisor too.

BPO in India takes advantage of the fact that india has many english speaking persons. This enables business around the english speaking world to ship work to Indians who are willing to work at much lower wages as the indian cost of living is lower. This has become possible because of modern means of communication like smartphones and internet. A BPO worker may be asked to carry out processes that can be done remotely eg auditing of transactions, preparing summary of transactions, monitoring processes, alerting risks. The job may use computers but is not a technical job. The BPO worker has to be good in the domain that he or she is working on.

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