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It Support Specialist Jobs

A career as an IT support specialist involves troubleshooting and repairing computer problems. Most people in this type of role will work for a specific organization and provide computer support to its staff members, but some work independently and fix computer problems for individual customers who need assistance. Some IT support specialists can also provide remote assistance to clients around the globe via email, phone, or accessing a desktop through a secure connection. This job can also be called a technical support analyst. Daily tasks include answering inquiries about errors, observing the functioning of the system to detect problems and ensure appropriate usage, and installing or repairing hardware, software, or other equipment to fix the problem.

IT Support Specialist Job Education Requirements

Nearly 30 percent of IT support specialists have Bachelors’ degrees in computer science or related fields. In some cases, employers will value experience over education, but more than 80 percent of people in these jobs have taken some college courses.

IT Support Specialist Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT support specialists fall under the category of computer support specialists, which can also include IT analysts, network specialists, and other IT support staff. The job market should increase by about 17 percent by the year 2022, which translates to 123, 000 new jobs. This is faster than the average job growth across all industries in the United States, and this is because computers and technology are more vital to companies every day, so support staff is equally vital to the function of the office. One thing to consider is that some support specialists work night or weekend hours to accommodate international companies or requests from customers throughout various time zones.

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