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Dell laptop warranty service

Figure 1: Align the power cord.

Figure 2: Press the power cord firmly until it clicks into place.

Note: If there is still no light on the power adapter, contact Technical Support if your system is in warranty.
To check if your warranty is active, refer to Dell Knowledge base article How to Check When Your Warranty Expires.
If your warranty has expired, a new power adapter can be purchased at the Dell Batteries and Adapters web site.

If the light is on:

Connect the power adapter to the computer and power it on.

  • If an error message appears as soon as the computer powers on (e.g., "The power adapter type cannot be determined"), refer to the Knowledge Base Article AC Adapter Error Message Occurs for further instructions.

Check the Battery

  • Right-click the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner, then click Dell Extended Battery Life Options. If this option is not available, proceed to Step 2.
  • Click the Battery Health tab.
  • Make note of the message on the page, when the battery shows as "This battery is performing normally", then the battery is performing as it should.

    Note: Most batteries have a One Year Warranty. You can check if your battery warranty is active by referring to Dell Knowledge base article Notebook Battery Warranty Support.

  • Check the Battery Health in the BIOS. For more detailed instructions, refer to the appropriate section in the Dell Knowledge Base Article How to improve your laptop battery's performance. If the battery's status shows as "Normal" or "This battery is performing normally, " then the battery is performing as it should.

    Note: Most batteries have a One Year Warranty. You can check if your battery warranty is active by referring to the Dell Knowledge Base Article Notebook Battery Warranty Support.

  • Dell Battery Diagnostics

    Our support site provides multiple diagnostic tests that can be run on your system and output results or error codes that can be then used to identify failures or provide to technical support if warranty service is required. These tests can fulfil a support request online and issue an in-warranty replacement where applicable, or direct you to additional resources to replace your battery.
    From our main support site navigate to the diagnostic section or click the link below.

    • To run the test, browse to the Dell Battery Diagnostics. We will then connect to your system via Dell System Detect to run the test and if the test fails you can then log an in-warranty service call if applicable or have the option to purchase a new battery from the Dell Batteries and Adapters website.

    If you have already used diagnostics in the past your information should be stored and you will be directed straight to the diagnostic test.

    When the battery diagnostics fail, you can log a in warranty service call using the following link - Enhanced Preboot System Assessment. You will need to enter the Error and Validation code as seen on the screen, you will also need to enter the Service tag of the faulty computer, just follow the prompts to complete the process.

    If your battery warranty has expired and the battery diagnostics fail, a new battery can be purchased at the Dell Batteries and Adapters website. Only Dell batteries should be used in Dell notebooks, and Dell batteries can only be purchased from Dell. A normal characteristic of a rechargeable battery is that its operating duration decreases over time.

    The battery may eventually need to be replaced. Based on this characteristic, consumed batteries may not be covered under warranty.

    • SupportAssist, previously called My Dell, detects issues and sends you alerts based on your device, This application gives you access to everything you need to take the guesswork out of maintaining PCs and tablets. For more information on how to obtain and install SupportAssist, browse to the SupportAssist for PCs and tablets page.

    Note: You may need to provide the Service Tag or Express Service Code of your Dell computer or select your computer model from a list.

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