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This article provides information on LCD display pixel guidelines for LCD panels on laptops and Dell flat panel monitors, understand what is a pixel or dot, how to identify a bright or dead pixel on your LCD Display and some answers to frequently asked questions.

LCD Display Pixel Guidelines

Each Pixel is made up of a red, green and blue sub-pixel. When a sub-pixel is fixed in an unchanging state, the visible result is a tiny black, white or colored spot that appears on the screen. There are generally two types of sub-pixel defects namely bright and dark sub-pixel defects. A sub-pixel defect is also referred to as a dot defect.

Bright Sub-Pixel Defects: A sub-pixel remains permanently lit, resulting in a white or colored dot on a black background.

Dark Sub-Pixel Defects: A sub-pixel remains permanently unlit, resulting in a black or colored dot on a white background.

The is premium within the industry, because it is guaranteed during the term of the limited hardware warranty to have zero pixels stuck in the "on" position — a factor that results in a bright dot on the display.

During LCD manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for one or more sub-pixels to become fixed in an unchanging state. A display with a 1 to 5 fixed sub-pixel is considered normal and within industry standards.

What is Dell's Premium Panel Guarantee?

Dell is now offering a Premium Panel Guarantee that ensures zero "bright pixel" defects on your UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors purchased from Dell.

While defective pixels do not necessarily impair the performance of your monitor, they can be annoying and distracting, especially if the pixels are located in positions where viewing quality is reduced

Unyielding commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers has driven Dell to offer a Premium Panel Guarantee as part of our standard Limited Warranty coverage. Even if only one bright pixel is found, a free monitor exchange is guaranteed during the Limited Warranty period.

The Premium Panel Guarantee is available for UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors sold with systems or as stand-alone units purchased direct from Dell, and is included with Dell's standard 3-year Limited Warranty. Customers who purchase a 4th or 5th year extended Limited Warranty can also take advantage of this coverage for the duration of the Limited Warranty period.

Note: Availability of specific warranty services may vary across different regions.

Pixel or Dot Grid

Your LCD display is possibly subject to replacement if it meets the criteria outlined in Table 1.

Note: Only fixed sub-pixels/dots (bright or dark) visible to the naked eye at normal viewing distance would be allowed for replacement.

Panel Bright sub-pixel Dark sub-pixel Total sub-pixel
Flat panel monitors with Premium Panel Guarantee (HD+ (1600 x 900) and above LCD resolutions):
  • Dell UltraSharp monitors (U, UP, UZ series)
  • Dell Professional monitors (P series)
  • Alienware OptX monitors (AW series)
1 or more 6 or more
  • Bright = 1 or more
  • Dark = 6 or more
Dell monitors (D Series) 9 or more Combination of bright and dark = 9 or more
All other Dell flat panel monitors Combination of bright and dark = 6 or more
Dell Laptop LCD screen with standard panel (HD (1366 x 768) or below resolutions):
  • Dell Inspiron laptops
  • Dell Latitude laptops
  • Dell Precision Mobile workstations
  • Dell Studio laptops
  • Dell Vostro laptops
  • Dell XPS laptops
  • Alienware laptops
3 or more
Dell Laptop LCD screen with Premium Panel Guarantee (HD+ (1600 x 900) and above LCD resolutions): :
Table 1: LCD Pixel or Dot policy

Frequently Asked Questions

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A dead pixel refers to a pixel with a defect in its ability to display the correct color output. It may look like a tiny black or white spot on the screen. When the pixel remains permanently lit, it is known as a bright pixel.

Unfortunately, no. A defective pixel will remain permanently lit until the monitor is powered off.

Dell’s Premium Panel Guarantee applies to UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors with bright pixel defects only. The Premium Panel Guarantee does not cover monitors with dark/ black type of dead pixels.

Dell's Premium Panel Guarantee applies to all UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors bought directly from Dell, and from retail stores with "bright pixel" defects during the Limited Warranty term.

Note: If you purchased your UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors through Best Buy in USA, you can exchange it at any Best Buy store in USA. In order to receive warranty service at a Best Buy store in USA, you must have the original sales receipts from your purchase.

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