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HP battery software

HP Battery Check helps HP laptop owners quickly and easily learn of the status of their computer’s battery within seconds. Thus, if you are experiencing faulty battery performance, you can rapidly check it with this particular piece of software.

First things first, though, HP Battery Check is the proprietary software of HP and this can really prove to be a two-bladed knife because such software can really make the difference between actually buying a new battery for your notebook or get one for free if the existing did not already passed the warranty period.

For starters, laptop batteries are not made to last forever. Such as other types of batteries, this specific type can also be manufactured from low-quality materials, thus the shorter lifespan. In recent years, there has been a switch from quality to quantity as the requests grew larger and the offer had to be as high as possible so no one ever lacks what they need.

In truth, more and more companies and even the top ones, such as HP have made the decision to, at least on entry-level laptops, pack a lower-quality battery in order to keep the price of the whole unit down, to keep it competitive. Now, how can you really, 100% trust an application like HP Battery Check?

The answer is that you don’t. Of course, you can launch it and perform the battery test, but the result you are shown can (does not necessarily mean it will) be a bit improper, to say the least. As a recommendation, use a third-party software such as BatteryCare or Batterybar to get a second opinion.

If the results are similar, than you have nothing to worry about; however, it can happen that the HP Battery Check displays a good health status of the battery while other software shows high levels of battery wear. This is exactly the problem with HP Battery Check. When this happens, you just cannot think that the battery is fine just by trusting HP Battery Check.

What you can do is make sure that your battery wear level is high enough for you to get a replacement for free and proceed to the proper course of action. We are not saying that HP Battery Check is a hoax or that it is utterly bogus. We are only recommending you to thoroughly investigate the problem as it arises.

To sum it all up, HP Battery Check does not always uncover the truth and that, alongside the company’s politics towards quality over quantity can be the answer for its decline over the years. The lack of interest for keeping customers happy is what every industry giant should keep away from and not be drawn into.

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