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ASUS Service Center phone number

Will make sure no one around will purchase any of Asus products, you should do it, too. If 5 of us make sure 30 people around us will never use Asus, then the 30 can generate 900, and 900 will generate 27000, sooner, Asus will get what they deserve within a couple of years. The best part is that this review will always be here, forever.

This time is literally the worst experience ever. This time even worse than the last time Nexus 7 problem. Purchased this motherboard Maxim Formula VI. Probably the biggest mistake in the entire life. Got problems with memory slot, checked, under warranty. Then, called the customer service. The first customer services guy confirm all the information including calling back phone number and then hung up the phone. Waiting for half an hour, called again.

On the phone with a new customer service for two hours, checking CPU model, memory sticks model, hard drive, even power supply, then, after everything, finally he permitted a RMA return. He emphasized the necessity to ship "all parts" back to them, so that their "warehouse" can check it. He also emphasized "if it does not have the problem described or extra problems that have not covered" the motherboard will be shipping back directly without fixing the problems. Asked three times, "is this a threat?" The answer is "it does not matter."

Going through RMA, he emphasized that need to purchased shipping box instead of bubbled envelope. He also pointed out needs to buy insurance "in case something happened during the shipping." Asked how long did it take, got an answer, "after receiving the product, we will send an email to you within 5-7 business days to let you know when we are going to fix it." Before hung up, he emphasized: list all the problems in the RMA paper, follow all the instructions from the RMA email, and well packaged "everything" then ship it back to their address.

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