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IBM System x warranty Lookup

International Warranty Service (IWS) enables customers who travel with or relocate any IWS-eligible IBM product to receive warranty service in any country where their product is sold and serviced. IWS-eligible machine types can be serviced by IBM or IBM resellers authorized to perform warranty service under the warranty terms wherever the specific IBM product is sold and serviced. The length of warranty service is based upon the originating country of purchase, however, the method of service provided [for example, depot, customer carry-in repair (CCR), IBM on-site repair (IOR, etc.] in the servicing country may be different from the method provided in the country in which the machine was purchased. Service procedures may vary by country, and some service and/or parts may not be available in all countries. Some countries may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of service. Certain countries may require additional documentation, such as proof of purchase or proof of proper importation, prior to performing IWS service. IWS eligibility is based on the four-digit machine type; however, certain countries may not have the capability of servicing all models of a particular machine type.

Details on how to obtain IWS service

  1. To determine your machine's warranty entitlement, IWS eligibility, and if IWS service is available in the country where you are traveling or relocating to. Select your product group from the links below, then select your machine type:
  2. Verify that the country where service is needed is included in the country list. If it is, please note the service initiation contact phone number.
  3. To initiate service for the machine, please use the contact number provided for the country in question.

Note: Service procedures may vary by country, and some service and/or parts may not be available in all countries. Some countries may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of service. IWS eligibility is based on the four-digit machine type; however, certain countries may not have the capability of servicing all models of a particular machine type. In cases where the country may not have the ability to service a particular model, service may be provided on a "best effort" basis and some fees or restrictions may apply. An alternative would be to attempt to obtain service under IWS in a neighboring country listed for the machine in question.

Note: Refurbished machines are not eligible for International Warranty Service. Refurbished machines can be identified by their model number (for example, refurbished machines have RRx, XXx, xRR, or xXX as the model number). In general, most refurbished machine warranties are shorter than the original machine warranty and are only valid within the country of purchase.


Due to the earth's magnetic field, cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors are manufactured to work in northern, southern and equatorial regions of the earth and may not produce a satisfactory image when moved between them. Any required adjustment (if possible) is not covered under IWS and may be subject to a chargeable action. The magnetic field does not affect Flat Panel LCD Monitors.

Electrical power and plugs vary throughout the world. Please ensure machines you wish to relocate are compatible in the new country. Equipment is often subject to local laws (particularly modems). Please ensure that the equipment is acceptable under the laws in the country of relocation.

IWS does not cover any damage caused by moving equipment from one location to another. When relocating equipment, please ensure that all equipment is carefully packaged to ensure that no damage occurs.

Warranty lookup

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