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Asus warranty Replacement

As used in this warranty policy, Product or Merchandise means any hardware manufactured for or by Evolution Computers Inc dba HIDevolution, herein known as HIDevolution bearing the HIDevolution trademark, trade name, or logo that is purchased directly from HIDevolution.

The Manufacturer is AsusTeK Computer Inc USA, herein known as Asus, bearing the Asus trademark, trade name, or logo.

The System Integrator is HIDevolution.

An End User is the ultimate consumer of the Product or Merchandise and constitutes anyone who owns and uses an Asus Product.

2. Asus Warranty

The standard parts and labor warranty is covered for a period of 1 to 2 years, depending on model, from the date of shipment of merchandise and may be claimed through either Asus or HIDevolution. Any upgraded or changed components installed by HIDevolution will match the manufacturer's warranty period. Any upgraded or changed components installed by HIDevolution will NOT void the manufacturer's warranty. However, claims for parts installed by HIDevolution must be claimed from HIDevolution. Faults that have been determined to be caused by a manufacturer installed core component, such as but not limited to the VGA card, motherboard, original CPU, speakers, hinges, original display panel, etc, may still be claimed under the manufacturer's warranty through the manufacturer without HIDevolution acting as the intermediary party.

Below is information on the core Asus warranty:

3. Software

Third party software is warranted separately by their respective manufacturers.

4. Asus 360 ADP Accidental Damage Protection

Asus includes 1 year of accidental damage protection, marketed as “Asus 360 ADP” by Asus. Product registration through Asus within 30 days of receipt of merchandise is required. Accidental damage is defined as damage to the merchandise caused by a drop, spill, or liquid damage. One (1) accidental damage claim may be made for the life of the product. An extension of accidental damage protection is NOT offered. Below is the registration link for Asus 360 ADP accidental damage protection:

Accidental damage protection is offered through the U.S. division of Asus and is NOT valid through Asus in other regions. End users located outside of the U.S. may claim accidental damage through HIDevolution either on an individual basis or in conjunction with a HIDevolution global warranty (see HIDevolution Global Warranty section).

5. Extended Service Plans

HIDevolution offers extended service plans for an additional charge. Extended service plans are covered by both Asus and HIDevolution. An extension of accidental damage protection is NOT offered.

6. Asus Global Warranty

Asus includes a standard 1 year global warranty that is valid worldwide wherever a similar product is supported. Manufacturer’s warranty support for the Asus global warranty will be limited to the manufacturer installed core components such as but not limited to the VGA card, motherboard, original CPU, speakers, hinges, original display panel, power jack, etc. Any issues with upgraded or changed components installed by HIDevolution must be claimed through HIDevolution.

Below is a list of countries where the Asus global warranty is valid:

7. HIDevolution Display Warranty

For an additional charge HIDevolution offers a display warranty independent from the manufacturer’s standard warranty. Display warranties may only be claimed with HIDevolution.

Pixel defects are defined as lit, dead, or stuck pixels within the viewable area of the display. HIDevolution will physically check for pixel defects prior to dispatching the item to the End User. If the End User discovers a pixel defect during the chosen warranty period, the End User is entitled to make a claim with HIDevolution. HIDevolution will, at its discretion, choose either to replace the display panel and/or its relevant components, or replace the system in its entirety.

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