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Hewlett Packard Store Locations

HP Labs Palo Alto, USYou can trace the spirit of innovation back to one place: Hewlett- Packard, where Silicon Valley had its start. For 45 years, HP Labs, home of one of the world's elite research facilities, has advanced the tradition of innovation.

HP Labs is passionate about making our research real - driving technology to commercialization in the areas most important to our customers and society. We are driven to create solutions that transform data into value, bytes into experiences, noise into knowledge. We take our technologies from prototype to near market-ready, co-investing with HP businesses to deliver new capabilities for HP and our customers.

We invest across HP's strategic pillars - cloud, security, information optimization - and also in key areas such as mobility, content and printing, sustainability, and future computing platforms and capabilities.

HP Labs Bristol, UKWe look at emerging trends to understand where our industry - and our world - is headed, invest in a forward-looking, ambitious research agenda for tomorrow, and build a pipeline to fuel the next generation of HP products, services and solutions, delivering breakthroughs that can transform current businesses and create new ones.

HP Labs locations

Some of the world's top scientists and researchers are working together at HP Labs to invent technologies that will connect and empower people around the globe.

Palo Alto, USA

Founded in 1966, HP Labs' headquarters in Palo Alto is our largest site, located just a few miles from the famous HP Garage that is known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley.

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Glenn T. Seaborg MedalBristol, UK

Instituted in 1984, HP Labs Bristol is HP's second-largest central research location and is among the premier corporate research labs in Europe.

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Awards and honors

Our researchers are among the most distinguished in their fields – and it shows. They've received some of the highest honors in science and engineering.

Glenn T. Seaborg Medal

Awarded annually by the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Medal honors individuals for exceptional scientific contributions to chemistry and biochemistry.

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Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics

Established by the editors of Applied Physics A and Applied Physics B to recognize scientists who have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the field of applied physics.

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