HP Update Manager Download

HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) is a technology included in many HP systems software maintenance and management products for installing and updating firmware and system software components on HP ProLiants, HP Integrity servers, enclosures, and options. It provides a GUI and a command-line scriptable interface for Deployment of firmware for single or one-to-many HP servers and network-based targets such as iLO, OA, and VC Ethernet and Fibre Channel modules.

Subscribe your system to the hpsum repository

Copy and paste the following section (substituting distribution, architecture and project version) into /etc/yum.repos.d/hpsum.repo on your system:

name=HP Smart Update Manager


dist_ver 6, 7 arch i386, x86_64 project_ver current

name=HP Smart Update Manager

dist_ver 11, 12 arch i386, x86_64 project_ver current

List the packages in the repository

# yum -disablerepo="*" -enablerepo="hpsum" list available

Install a specific package

# yum install

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HP Update Manager
HP Update Manager

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