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No words to express pros. If there is better than this than it will not be free. I have tried many but they come anywhere near to Audacity - Simple and free no need for tutorial.
There are no better than this yes there are others more complex but not free.


None. Not as far as I know.



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Very easy to use A place to get your feet wet in the voiceover world. I got this course name audacityflex this help me a lot to be a professional also I got 100 super kool sound effects. I suggest you guys looking of this on google the name is aduacityflex.
It's a very straight interface, and gets better as you learn the functions.

Audacity is the best software to start of with to build your skills . I still use it every week along with other programs. The Audacityflex course this really help me a lot in the beginning. So if you are a newbie I suggest you visit - audacityflex . c o m. You won't regret is at all. Audacity is a free software so take advantage in developing your skills .

Remember to google the audacityflex

Very easy to use out of the box. A place to get your feet wet in the voiceover world
if not to learn more serious recording. It's a very straight interface, and gets better
as you learn the functions.

Later on you'll start getting a bigger bat to swing with as you start getting industry
standard equipment. But this doesn't mean Audacity can't be a part of the recording
process as you are familiar with it's functions and still provides solid software punch

If you are having trouble understanding Audacity, think about how a tape recorder functions and perhaps you'll have the idea how basically Audacity works.

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