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Rob really, really liked his ASUS laptop. He kept it clean, treated it kindly, and loved it very much. Yet the display mysteriously broke…sort of… and it began crying rainbow LCD tears when it was only six months old. He sent it in for repair, and the company first told him that the repair would take three business days…then fourteen. Rob would really, really like his computer back.

I finally got to a point in my life where I could set aside a little money and buy a computer I really wanted rather than just one that I could afford. So after a few months of putting money aside I settled on the ASUS G73JH-A1! I had to wait on a waiting list, 2 months before I got it but it was worth the wait right? The thing was amazing it was fast, sleek, ran relatively cool and could run any game on the market! I had no problems with it and it performed better than any machine I’d owned or used prior to it!

That is the glowing recomendation I would have given a month ago, today I have a different tune. I must have done something wrong, no I treated the machine with kid gloves, I gently wiped dust off it every day or so, I kept it clean and debris free etc. Imagine my surprise when I turn it on one morning and find the LCD screen looks as though it is bleeding. It appears as though it was damaged like the many images you see with the cracks, running colors and just distortion, problem is I didn’t find any crack when I checked it and I know I didn’t apply any notable force beyond closing the lid, pretty sure I didn’t cause this problem but then I’m not amazing at this tech stuff either. I do know how to care for my pocessions though!

In any event I contacted ASUS customer service on the 18th of Oct. 2010 and described my problem, they started a repair order. I never recieved my fedex prepaid label and had to call back to finally get that sent to me. Problem is it was for 3-5 day shipping, when I purchased the laptop I was told it was shipped 1 day both ways. I sucked it up because they had a 3 day target turn around, so I figured it wasn’t so bad, oh boy was I wrong.

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