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IYogi customer Service number

flatlineplayOriginal March 2 Story Continues Here: Several sources claiming to be iYogi customers say they can no longer reach the company online and via 1-800 phone lines. Some of the sources claim they have long-term support contracts with iYogi and are pursuing refunds for non-support, but aren’t sure how to seek such recourse.

iYogi Customers Express Concern

Five such sources contacted ChannelE2E, describing their challenges and concerns related to iYogi.

One source alleges that iYogi data lines were cut for non payment of bills, an that has impacted their ability to take calls. “They are riding on a partner’s links to now only service returning customers and try and sell as much as they can to keep the shop going for a few more months, ” the source alleges. That source claims iYogi has been working overtime to suppress negative reviews on Google, Glassdoor and other social media sites.

“I, too, have a long term contract with iYogi and now can not reach them, ” said another source. “My attempts to call their 800 number are fruitless. I tried to use my access number to connect online and get an error message saying it doesn’t recognize the server. So I can’t use any of their “services.” Is there any recourse available to those of us with long term contracts?”

ChannelE2E continues to search for answers. As of 3:24 p.m. ET on March 2, iYogi’s website was not available. We have not determined whether the web error was an isolated issue, or somehow related to larger problems at the company.

iYogi’s website is back online. After reading their media page, we have emailed Garima Misra Punia, VP of marketing and communications, requesting a comment about iYogi’s business status and the allegations above. We will update our coverage if/when we receive a reply.

iYogi: Early Warning Signs?

iYogi’s potential business problems surfaced in December 2015, when expressed concerns about the company, and at least two lawsuits against iYogi surfaced in the United States. One lawsuit alleges that iYogi scams consumers and businesses into buying more IT services than they need. Another lawsuit claims iYogi failed to fulfill a business partnership in Maine.

At the time, iYogi maintained that the company offers reputable report IT support services that millions of consumers and businesses depend upon.

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