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Dell drivers for Printers

Authentication with PaperCut on the Dell device.PaperCut MF provides integration with Dell MFDs, to enable the tracking, charging or billing of network printing and "off the glass" copying, faxing and scanning.

The PaperCut MF embedded solution uses the Dell MFD built-in touchscreen to provide a rich set of application features including:

  • Tracking of all copies, prints, scans and faxes.
  • End user authentication, including integration with single sign-on to industry leading environments.
  • Optional magnetic and proximity (contactless) card swipe authentication via "off the shelf" USB based card readers
  • Group-based access and control to all supported MFDs / multi-function printers.
  • Charging and accounting by quotas, debit accounts and shared accounts which may represent a department, company, matter, project or other user group or cost center.
  • Secure Print release of confidential materials.
  • Support for "find me" printing, utilizing PaperCut MF's core web print, mobile print and mobile print release features.


PaperCut MF provides centralized management of all users, copiers and printers via a simple web based Administration console, where all copying and network printing can be managed together from a centrally adminstered location.

Leverage your existing single sign-on infrastructure by allowing users to log in with the same username and password used elsewhere on the network. No need to remember and maintain multiple logins!

Integrate with:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Other LDAP, NIS or POSIX environments

Shared Account selection with PaperCut running on the Dell device.Additionally:

  • Optionally authenticate using swipe or proximity cards
  • Display instructions and your organization's own custom logo on the login screen.

Device Access

Protect and limit access to your valuable Dell MFDs from unauthorized staff and visitors or restrict functions e.g. color copying to selected members of your organization. Group memberships in your user directory can serve as a basis for access control.

Real-time Tracking

PaperCut MF tracks copying page-by-page and reports usage for up to the minute reporting. Page and job attributes including color/grayscale, page sizes, duplex logged by user, device and date/time are standard features.

Using PaperCut MF to identify, track and log all activity enables accurate, consolidated reporting of costs and usage across your whole copier and printer fleet. When copying and printing, users can be controlled and managed under a predetermined set of rules, such as:

  • a user allocated quota or budget,
  • forced selection of shared account e.g. job, client / matter IDs
  • a pay per use policy, where funds are debited based on pages printed or job cost.

The device will deny copying in excess of quota or account balance.

Track and Control Scanning and Faxing

  • Track scanning to e-mail
  • Track sending faxes
  • All usage reported in the PaperCut logs
  • Optionally limit amount of scanning/faxing users can perform
  • Filter job logs to display just copy, scan/fax jobs

Shared Accounts

Each job may be allocated to a shared account that can represent a department, project, client / matter or cost center.

  • Administrators can configure each user's interface and account availability depending on their role.
  • Access to shared accounts is easily administered and can leverage Active Directory/LDAP groups.
  • Real-time account and user level reporting is a core feature

If enabled, shared accounts can be accessed using a number of convenient on-screen methods:

  • Selection from list
  • Quick entry via code/PIN
  • Client billing options - comments & invoice

Consolidated Reporting and Management

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