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HP drivers Utilities

This product detection tool installs software on your Microsoft Windows device that allows HP to detect and gather data about your HP and Compaq products to provide quick access to support information and solutions. Technical data is gathered for the products supported by this tool and is used to identify products, provide relevant solutions and automatically update this tool, to improve our products, solutions, services, and your experience as our customer.

Note: This tool applies to Microsoft Windows PC's only. This tool will detect HP PCs and HP printers.

Data gathered:

  • Operating system
  • Browser version
  • Computer vendor
  • Product name/number
  • Serial number
  • Connection port
  • Driver/device description
  • Computer and/or printer configuration
  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • HP/Non-HP ink and/or HP/Non-HP Toner
  • Number of pages printed

Installed Software Details:

  • HP Support Solutions Framework - Windows Service, localhost Web server, and Software

Removing Installed Software:

  • Remove "HP Support Solutions Framework" through Add/Remove programs on PC
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